Roll trolleys

carrelli porta rotoli

Trolleys for the transport of rolls

Our metal roll trolleys are the perfect solution to simplify the handling and storage of rolls of various sizes. Designed to offer convenience and safety, these carts are ideal for industrial environments, warehouses, and workplaces that require efficient management of roll-shaped materials.

Our handy roll transport carts are products primarily designed for the textile sector, but they find wide application in all sectors where there is a need to work with and handle rolled materials.

Our roll trolleys allow for the neat positioning of a variable number of rolls, depending on the features of the chosen model. Practical and functional, thanks to their swivel wheels, our products are made with high-quality materials. . Their versatile structure allows for the safe transportation and orderly storage of rolls within warehouses, storerooms, and exhibition spaces.

Our metal roll trolleys are mainly used for handling rolls of fabric or synthetics. Their use is ideal not only within textile companies but also in leather processing companies and generally in all activities where there is a need to transport materials in rolls or coils, whether they are made of fabric, microfiber, film, or other materials.

All our trolleys are ergonomic, with the possibility of grip from both sides. They are extremely lightweight and maneuverable, equipped with rubber wheels with brakes.

Roll trolleys for fabrics are an indispensable tool in textile companies. Designed to optimize the transport and handling of fabric rolls within the company, they are a fundamental tool for ensuring efficient goods flow, facilitating the transport of fabric rolls that can be particularly heavy and bulky.

 Our trolleys, equipped with a light and resistant structure, are the ideal solution for the safe handling of rolls and reels: allow operators in the sector to easily move rolls of fabric from one area of the company to another with reduced physical effort.

Another fundamental characteristic of roll trolleys is the protection of the transported materials. This aspect becomes essential when there is a need to handle high-quality fabrics, which can easily be damaged. . Our carts are designed to allow for the handling of fabrics under optimal conditions, avoiding any tears, folds, or stains.

All models are customizable: for example, some models are equipped with locking systems to prevent rolls from falling during handling.

Manual roll trolleys for textile industries

Within the textile industry, manual carts represent the ideal solution; practical and versatile, they become an indispensable element in situations where flexibility and maneuverability are required.

Manual roll trolleys are ideal in work environments with limited spaces, where precise movement control is required.

Compared to electric carts, manual carts have the advantage of allowing maximum flexibility, adapting to spaces and situations where their use is required.

Manual trolleys for rolls represent an efficient and low-cost solution for companies that handle large quantities of fabrics, needing to move the rolls frequently from one area to another within the company.

Came, a company with many years of experience in the metal carpentry sector, has always offered cutting-edge solutions for goods handling. Also in the textile industry, Came offers innovative solutions with a wide range of roll trolleys that meet the needs of an ever-evolving market.

Also in the textile industry, Came offers innovative solutions with a wide range of roll trolleys that meet the needs of an ever-evolving market.

Our range of trolleys for roll handling includes fully customizable solutions to adapt to the specific needs of companies, allowing for significant improvements in material management, production efficiency, and reduced workplace risks.

Characteristics of roll trolleys

Roll trolleys are designed with specific features to ensure effective management of fabric rolls.

Material and structure: they are made of painted or galvanized steel to guarantee resistance and durability over time. The tubular steel structure provides a solid base to support the rolls, while the steel columns hold the rolls securely in place.

Capacity and dimensions: they can accommodate a variable number of rolls depending on the model. Some trolleys can hold up to 10 rolls, while others have a greater capacity, such as 12, 18, or even more. The dimensions of the rolls that can be accommodated depend on the size of the trolley, but in general, the trolleys can support rolls with a maximum diameter of 42 cm and a maximum height of 160 cm.

Handling: they are equipped with swivel rubber wheels with thread guards to facilitate internal movement. The wheels allow the carts to be easily and effortlessly moved on different surfaces, ensuring smooth and safe roll handling.

Accessories: some models can be equipped with additional accessories to improve functionality and versatility. .For example, some trolleys can be equipped with vertically movable cutting groups to perform fabric cutting operations directly from the trolley. Other accessories may include additional kits to increase roll loading capacity or to adapt the trolley to larger rolls.

Applications of roll trolleys

Roll trolleys find application in various industries and sectors that work with roll materials.

Textile sector: the textile sector is one of the main users of roll carts. These carts are ideal for handling fabric rolls in processing laboratories, such as leather goods, cutting, and clothing production. Roll transport carts allow for efficient and safe handling and movement of fabric rolls, facilitating cutting, sewing, and packaging operations.

Footwear sector: In the footwear sector as well, these carts are essential for handling roll materials used in shoe production. The carts allow for the handling of microfiber rolls, synthetic fabrics, and other materials used in the production of uppers, linings, and other parts of shoes. This facilitates the transport of materials within the production department and improves the efficiency of cutting and assembly operations.

Other industries: these carts are also used in other industries that work with roll materials. For example, in the leather goods sector, they allow for the handling of leather rolls for cutting and preparation of processing. Additionally, carts can be used in the plastic sector to handle film rolls or castings. In general, roll trolleys are suitable for any activity that requires the handling and management of roll materials.

Roll trolleys are essential tools for optimizing the handling of roll materials within companies. They offer a range of advantages, such as organizing and ordering rolls, easy handling, resistance, and durability over time, as well as versatility and adaptability to the specific needs of each company. These trolleys find application in various industries, such as the textile and footwear sectors, as well as in other industries that work with roll materials. Choosing the right roll trolley from Came for your needs can help improve the efficiency and productivity of your company.

Roll trolleys

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