Drum steel spill pallets

contenitori porta fusti

Metal containers for drum handling

Drum steel spill pallets are indispensable tools for the handling and safe storage of oil drums and other products. These drum trolleys are designed to make drum transport easier, reducing effort and ensuring operator safety.

Advantages of drum pallets

Drum pallets are designed to facilitate drum handling, reducing physical strain on operators and ensuring safety during transport.

Ease of handling: drum pallets are designed to make drum transport easier, even for heavier drums. Thanks to sturdy wheels and a robust structure, operators can move drums with ease, without exerting excessive physical effort.

Safety: metal drum containers are equipped with fastening devices that ensure drums remain securely in place during transport. This prevents accidental falls and reduces the risk of damage or injury.

Versatility: drum containers are suitable for handling different types of drums, such as oil drums, chemicals, or even beer or milk drums. Various types of drum pallets are available based on the size and weight of the drums to be handled.

Efficiency: using a drum carrier saves time and energy in drum handling. Operators can transport multiple drums simultaneously, reducing the number of trips required and increasing overall efficiency.

Types of metal containers for drum

There are several types of metal containers for drum, each designed to meet specific handling and storage needs.

Drum containers with wheels: drum containers feature a sturdy structure and resilient wheels that allow easy transportation of drums from one point to another. These containers can be used to handle drums of various sizes and weights, ensuring a secure and stable grip. Some models are equipped with tension straps to further secure the drums to the cart, increasing safety during transport.

Drum containers with brackets: drum containers with brackets are designed to hold drums in a vertical position during transport These containers are particularly suitable for handling oil or chemical drums, ensuring that the containers do not tip over or become damaged during transport. The brackets ensure a stable and secure grip on the drums, reducing the risk of accidents.

Drum carriers with tiltable loading platform: drum containers with a tiltable loading platform allow drums to be lifted from the ground and positioned on the cart with ease. These drum carriers are particularly useful for handling large or heavy drums, allowing operators to move drums with less effort. The tiltable loading platform allows drums to be tilted and positioned horizontally without the need for an additional person.

Came‘s drum steel spill pallets are the ideal solution for simplifying the handling of materials efficiently and safely. Choose the reliability of Came’s drum carriers: a wide range of containers and carts for drum handling. In addition to standard solutions for drum transport, we create customized products based on the specific needs of the company. Contact us for advice on the product that best suits your handling and storage needs.

Drum steel spill pallets

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