Trolleys with tank

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Integrated containment tanks in trolleys

If you’re looking for advanced solutions for safely and efficiently transporting goods, our metal trolleys with tank are the ideal choice. Precision-engineered to meet the needs of various industrial sectors, these carts offer a unique combination of strength, practicality, and versatility.

Came offers a wide range of standard and customized products designed to ensure workplace safety and environmental protection.

The tanks integrated into our trolleys are made of high-quality materials, ensuring superior resistance to daily stresses. Ideal for transporting heavy materials, liquids, or delicate objects, the tanks ensure maximum protection during transit.

Our trolleys with integrated tanks represent professional solutions for the safe handling of barrels. The use of tanks allows for the transport of hazardous and flammable goods, enabling safe storage and avoiding potential environmental dispersion.

Our containment tanks are the ideal solution for safe and compliant liquid management. These devices allow for operation in compliance with current environmental regulations.

Metal collection tanks simplify the handling of liquids inside barrels. In this type of cart, the containers are placed on slats that facilitate the collection of liquids inside the containment basins, preventing any leakage of potentially hazardous materials and substances into the environment.

Containment tanks are ideal for the storage of liquids, chemicals, and pollutants. Came offers different models of trolleys with tanks for the handling of barrels and their proper storage.

We specialize in the containment of hazardous and polluting substances, which is why we can create personalized and targeted solutions for every need thanks to a team of expert consultants.

Trolleys with collection tanks are professional and compliant solutions that offer a simple and safe way to handle barrels containing liquids and hazardous substances. These carts are essential for complying with current regulations and preventing accidental spills that could damage the environment and endanger the health of operators.

Importance of collection trolley for safety and the environment

Collection tanks are required by current regulations to prevent accidental spills of liquids and hazardous substances from ending up on the ground and in groundwater, damaging the environment, and posing a danger to public health. These basins are therefore essential for protecting the health of operators both during storage and during the handling of barrels.

Quality and safety of collection tanks

Collection tanks are manufactured in compliance with current regulations to ensure quality and safety. They are made of steel, an ideal material for storing and handling potentially harmful and flammable chemicals. The various sizes and capacities available make these basins suitable for any need.

An important aspect of collection basins is leak tightness. This is ensured by the construction in carbon steel with adequate thickness and electronically controlled welds. Furthermore, the basins are designed to resist even the most aggressive substances, ensuring long-term durability.

Trolleys with collection tanks represent professional and compliant solutions that allow for safe and sustainable handling of barrels containing hazardous liquids. These solutions are essential for complying with current regulations, protecting the environment, and ensuring the safety of operators.

Choosing a quality collection tank is essential to ensure leak tightness and long-term durability. Moreover, opting for solutions that promote the circular economy and the use of advanced materials contributes to environmental sustainability.

Choose the container solution with a tank from Came that best suits your needs and contribute to the protection of workers and the environment.

Trolleys with tanks

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