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Metal shelf trolleys

Metal shelf trolleys are particularly suitable for facilitating the transportation of materials, goods, crates, and boxes within the company premises and warehouses. Our selection offers shelf trolleys with various load capacities to facilitate the handling of heavy loads.

Our solutions are designed to ensure maximum comfort and ergonomics, reducing the physical strain on operators. This essential aspect helps protect the health of operators, increasing efficiency and productivity within the company.

We offer different types of metal shelf trolleys, available with one, two, three, or more shelves: all our products facilitate the transport of heavy loads and the handling of bulky or voluminous goods.

Came boasts years of experience in the production of professional-grade metal trolleys, capable of meeting any need for goods and materials handling. The use of high-quality materials, meticulous design attentive to operator needs and safety, make Came the ideal partner for the supply of metal trolleys.

Came’s metal shelving carts are the ideal solution for those seeking an efficient and versatile way to organize and transport objects securely. Designed to meet the needs of warehouses, workshops, laboratories, and more, these carts offer a practical solution to improve space management and ease of movement.

The shelf trolleys represent the perfect combination of robustness and efficiency in the world of organization and transportation. Created to meet the needs of industrial environments, warehouses, and workshops, these carts offer a reliable and durable solution for object management and mobility.

Our metal trolleys are made of sturdy steel sheet: the shelves’ support surfaces are equipped with perimeter edges on all sides to ensure the safe handling of goods and materials. Most of the shelving cart models in our catalog also feature rubber wheels and a tubular metal handle for even easier transportation.

These cart models are designed for the professional needs of multiple industrial sectors.

They are an extremely versatile product: thanks to the numerous customization possibilities regarding the  number of shelves, shapes, dimensions, and optional features, they can be suitable for different work activities and can also be used in confined spaces.

The infinite customization possibilities concern the variable load capacity according to needs, as well as the available measurements for any type of pallet rack.

Features of metal shelv trolleys

All our shelf trolleys are made with high-quality materials. Most of our metal trolleys are made of steel, ensuring strength, durability over time, and easily washable surfaces.

Stainless steel service trolleys with shelves are very versatile products, suitable for use in multiple industrial sectors, with great attention to the catering and hospitality sectors, as well as the healthcare and hospital sector.

Our shelf trolleys are designed to ensure maximum functionality and ergonomics, guaranteeing resistance to heavy loads. Our stainless steel carts can have one or more shelves in height, to facilitate the handling and storage of materials during internal movements within companies.

Key and highly appreciated features of our carts are their extreme impact and corrosion resistance, guaranteeing high durability over time. Lightweight and multifunctional, our shelf trolleys are also ideal for easy movement in confined spaces.

Our carts have a high load capacity, allowing the transport of heavy loads with a reduction in physical effort. All our shelving cart models are designed to ensure maximum comfort and usability.

Shelf trolleys: versatile tools to facilitate internal transportation and organization

Shelf trolleys are indispensable tools for facilitating internal transportation of goods, handling, and organization within companies, warehouses, workshops, and other work environments. These versatile carts are designed to offer support and practicality, allowing you to optimize work processes and improve overall efficiency.

These carts are designed to provide a practical and safe solution for transporting goods of various sizes and weights. Their robust structure, made of steel sheet, offers a stable and sturdy base for loading. The shelves, made of sheet metal or other materials, are adjustable in height, allowing them to be adapted to the size and shape of the objects to be transported.

PFor any questions or information regarding the choice of the most suitable shelf trolley for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us for personalized consultation and a quote.

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