Metal textile roll racks

contenitori metallici porta rotoli in tessuto

Containers for transporting and storing textile rolls

Came specializes in manufacturing professional solutions widely used in the logistics and industrial sectors, including textile roll racks. This specific type of textile roll racks is mainly used in the textile industry, industrial laundries, and other production sectors, playing a fundamental role in the handling and transportation of particularly delicate goods such as textile rolls. 

Professional uses of textile roll racks

Fabric coils and rolls, as those used in the textile industry, can be extremely bulky and heavy. Metal fabric roll containers are specially designed to facilitate the storage and transport of this type of goods. Thanks to their specific structure in iron or steel, they also help preserve textile materials, reducing the risk of damage or tearing during use or movement.

Types of metal textile roll racks

Came offers a wide range of fabric roll containers, with customization options based on specific customer needs. In addition to choosing materials, all highly resistant and high quality, it is possible to define dimensions, height, and structure of the roll rack during the design phase, adapting it to the particular needs of your production or commercial activity.

With our experience, we will guide you in selecting the most practical and reliable solution at the right price.

Textile roll racks

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