Stainless steel trolleys with sides

stainless steel trolleys with sides

Trolleys with lateral panels

Stainless steel trolleys with sides find wide application: they are suitable for internal transportation of goods and materials in industrial settings, particularly for moving goods within warehouses and depots.

The stainless steel trolleys with sides facilitates the handling of goods, allowing for the easy introduction and extraction of materials through the simple opening and closing of the side panels.

This is a versatile product, capable of streamlining the work of personnel, especially warehouse workers who can load and unload goods easily using the openable side panels.

These types of trolleys with side panels are suitable for transporting bulk materials, boxes, and cartons, especially heavy materials that can be transported effortlessly.

Came offers carts that vary in load capacity and loading surface, as well as the presence of fixed or removable side panels. Our trolleys enable the transportation of bulky goods, ensuring their movement without risk of damage and, most importantly, guaranteeing the safety of personnel.

The modular design of our carts allows for customization based on specific needs. It is possible to adapt the stainless steel side panels according to the dimensions and type of material being transported, ensuring efficient and safe transportation.

Types of stainless steel trolleys with sides

Fixed-side trolleys are particularly suitable for transporting heavy goods. They feature a structured platform with a large non-slip surface area. Stainless steel trolleys with fixed side panels have a high degree of maneuverability, are generally economical, but are usually more bulky compared to foldable carts.

The choice of stainless steel trolleys with sides

The choice of industrial cart type varies depending on the nature of the load and the type of flooring Rubber wheels are recommended for transporting light to medium loads on smooth or slightly uneven flooring. Rubber wheels absorb shocks and vibrations and provide ample maneuverability. Trolleys with stainless steel wheels and side panels are ideal for transporting fragile materials..

Stainless steel trolleys are known for their high strength and resistance; the presence of side panels facilitates the loading of goods. The side panels usually have push handles.

This type of trolley with side panels is suitable for transporting substantial loads on even non-perfectly smooth floors. They are suitable for use in humid environments, such as industrial laundries, and allow for the safe transport of heavy and bulky loads.

Advantages of stainless steel trolleys with sides

Stainless steel trolleys with sides offer numerous advantages that make them the ideal choice for internal transportation of goods. One of the main advantages of these trolleys is the ease of handling goods due to the ability to open and close the side panels. This feature allows for the simple and quick introduction and extraction of goods from the trolley, optimizing the time of operators.

Additionally, stainless steel trolleys with sides are suitable for transporting various types of materials, allowing for organized and orderly transportation of goods. Thanks to the side panels, warehouse workers can access stored goods by simply opening a side panel, simplifying the retrieval process.

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Stainless steel trolleys with sides

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