Reel trolleys

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Trolleys for the transport of materials in reels

Metal reel trolleys, also known as reel carrier, are indispensable tools for simplifying the handling, lifting, and extraction of reels in industrial settings. Thanks to their versatility and safety features, they optimize daily activities and enhance work efficiency.

The handling of reels requires customized applications tailored to the specific needs of end-users.
Factors such as coil type and size greatly influence the customization of trolleys for reels.

Several factors contribute to the study and development of these trolleys models. Among these, we can certainly mention the various types of existing reels and the variability related to the required handling.

Coil carriers represent innovation in the handling of heavy loads in industrial environments. Specifically designed for the easy and safe transport of coils made of different materials, these carts offer efficient solutions for the needs of manufacturing industries.

Industrial reel trolleys are essential for optimizing reels transport in industrial environments. With their combination of robustness, adaptability, and safety, these trolley prove to be a strategic investment for improving efficiency and safety in daily industrial operations.

Metal reel trolleys are designed to support operators in the frequent challenges encountered during reels handling operations.

They are conceived and designed to prevent reels damage, thus maintaining their quality during handling phases.

Reels need to be frequently moved during the production process; they may be transferred to another machine for processing, or there may be a need to store the finished product awaiting shipment.

Care must be taken at each step to prevent reel damage, material deterioration, or the formation of creases or defects. Any damage to the reels can be highly uneconomical for the company. To contain costs and streamline production, the risk of material damage must be minimized.

Our reel trolleys models are designed to allow for the precise and careful movement of heavy loads, enabling faster execution.

Came specializes in the production of reel trolleys equipped with specific equipment capable of handling, transporting, and storing various types of coils, both in terms of diameter and material composition.

Advantages for coil handling

Increased productivity and operational efficiency: by using reel lifting trolleys, handling times can be reduced, leading to increased production efficiency.

Workplace safety: our carts are designed to handle loads with total safety, minimizing the risk of accidental falls and workplace hazards.

Workspace optimization: through the use of reel trolleys, storage space can be optimized, allowing for more efficient and organized warehouse management.

Cost reduction: better cost management and time savings result in savings for the business. By reducing the risk of reel damage and improving downtime, production costs can be reduced.

Customization of coil carts

Reel handling trolleys can be customized according to specific customer needs. .Our products are designed to support various loads and differ depending on the size of the housed reels.

the housed reels. The trolley is designed to assist operators in frequent coil handling and lifting operations, improving workplace safety. Its use reduces setup time during the production phase.

Handling and lifting can be manual and/or electric, depending on the chosen model.

The reel cradle is designed to hold even the largest and heaviest coils and can be equipped with a tilting or lateral translation system, according to customer requirements.

Reel trolleys are indispensable tools for simplifying reel handling and lifting operations. Thanks to their versatility and safety features, they improve the efficiency of industrial operations and reduce the risk of workplace accidents.Choosing the right reel trolley for your needs is essential for optimizing daily operations and ensuring maximum productivity. Find the Came reel trolley model that best suits your needs.

Reel trolleys

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