Stainless steel work-benches

stainless steel work-benches

Stainless steel work tables

Professional stainless steel work-benches are designed to ensure functionality, strength, and hygiene in the workplace.

Stainless steel is a material capable of resisting scratches and impacts, characterized by high heat resistance, rust resistance, and resistance to acids. .It is a highly hygienic material, making it particularly suitable for use in the food sector.

The work tables and benches made by Came are widely used in the professional catering sector and the food industry. They are completely washable, made in compliance with current regulations, and therefore used in restaurants, fish markets, and food industries as they are suitable for contact with food..

Stainless steel, due to its intrinsic characteristics, makes work tables and benches antibacterial, ideal for use in professional kitchens, restaurants, and generally in the food industry.

Came‘s stainless steel work-benches are designed to adapt to your workspace; we are able to guarantee maximum customization of work-benches.

All work tables are modular and customizable to fit the location where they will be installed. Came designs and manufactures finished products and modules that can be combined to create customized work-benches.

Our professional workbenches have specific features depending on their intended use Our tables and workbenches are available in different models and sizes, sturdy and with adjustable feet. In particular, the presence of adjustable feet makes our work tables adaptable to all heights and irregular surfaces.

We offer a wide range of stainless steel tables for food use in our catalog, suitable for use in professional catering and the food industry.

Options available for stainless steel work-benches

Our work-benches are available with drawers, shelves, or bins, sliding or hinged doors, with a splashback on the rear work surface or without.

For each workbench we offer, it is always possible to choose from different sizes in terms of length and depth to find the product that meets your needs.

However, it will still be possible to request further customization of the work tables in the catalog to make them fully customized based on your needs.

Stainless steel work tables are available in various sizes and models to meet the different needs of professional kitchens. Compact models can be found to maximize space, but there are also tables with a width exceeding 2500 mm. Stainless steel work tables can have one or more upper or lower work surfaces, offering ample space to work and store tools and utensils. Among the options available in the catalog are also work-benches on wheels, models with sliding and hinged doors, ideal for storing detergents, pots, dishes, and other tools useful for work operations.

How to choose the ideal stainless steel work table

The choice of the ideal stainless steel work table depends on the specific needs of the activity. Before making a purchase, it is important to evaluate the dimensions of the workspace and the type of activity carried out It is essential to choose a table with the right width and depth to ensure a comfortable work space. Additionally, you can opt for a table with a splashback, which provides an additional level of safety and protection for food and utensils. It is also important to consider the presence of adjustable legs, which allow for perfect alignment of the table even on irregular surfaces. The professionals at Came will be able to advise you on choosing the most suitable stainless steel work-bench for your needs.

Stainless steel work-benches

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