IBC steel spill pallets

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Containers equipped with collection tanks for the transport and storage of liquids

The IBC tank steel spill pallets by Came represent a versatile and efficient solution for responsible waste management. These innovative devices are designed to facilitate the collection and separation of materials and are essential for ensuring safety and environmental protection during the storage and handling of hazardous substances. The integrated collection tanks in the containers offer an integrated solution for managing liquids and potentially hazardous substances. These liquid collection tanks, made of steel, provide an effective and eco-friendly solution to prevent accidental leaks and pollution.

Regulations and capacities of containers with collection tanks

For national regulatory purposes, containers must be equipped with collection tanks that must have a minimum capacity equal to the largest of the stored containers and not less than 1/3 of the total stored volume. In the case of storing substances in a groundwater protection area, the stored volume must be completely contained within the collection tank (100%). This regulation ensures maximum protection of water resources and minimizes the risk of pollution due to accidental leaks from containers with collection tanks.

Containers with steel containment tanks

These containers are equipped with steel containment tanks, made of painted or galvanized steel sheet. These tanks are structurally reinforced to withstand impacts and undergo periodic tests for watertightness. They are available in various configurations, including models with wall structure for stacking, with splash walls, and with wheels for easy maneuverability.

Liquids to be stored in containers with containment tanks

Containers with steel collection tanks are ideal for containing flammable liquids and ensure maximum safety and compliance with regulations. They are suitable for storing drums, tanks, and other containers of various sizes.

Containers with containment tanks are designed for the storage of a wide range of liquids, including oils, acids, alkaline solutions, paints, varnishes, and other hazardous substances. These liquids can be harmful to water, flammable, aggressive, or otherwise hazardous. It is crucial to properly manage and store such substances to avoid environmental damage and ensure workplace safety.

Calculation of the capacity of the safety tank of containers

To correctly calculate the necessary capacity of the safety tank for such containers, it is important to consider the total volume of the stored containers. The minimum capacity of the collection tank must be equal to the largest of the containers and not less than 1/3 of the total stored volume. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully assess the quantity and type of liquids that will be stored to ensure choosing a safety tank adequate to one’s needs.

Containment tanks offer compliant and suitable solutions to various production needs. It is essential to comply with safety regulations and adopt protective measures to ensure environmental safety and human health. Rely on Came for proper and responsible waste management. We will advise you on the most suitable containers with collection tanks based on your activities, production activities, and disposal needs for production materials and processing waste.

IBC tank steel spill pallets

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