Textile beam racks

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Beam handling containers

Textile metal beam racks for handling bobbins in the textile sector are essential tools for optimizing the picking and transportation operations of textile materials, ensuring efficiency, safety, and precision. With the aim of meeting the specific needs of textile companies, these metal beam racks offer innovative solutions to improve productivity and reduce work times.

Advantages of beam handling containers in the textile sector

Metal beam racks in the textile sector offer numerous advantages that contribute to optimizing logistics operations within companies. That’s why more and more textile companies are adopting these tools.

Efficiency and speed: thanks to advanced control systems, these containers allow textile materials to be moved quickly and efficiently, reducing work times and increasing overall company productivity.

Precision and safety: these containers are designed to ensure precise and safe guidance, avoiding damage to fabrics and fibers. Thanks to their robust structure and specialized equipment, these containers allow bobbins to be transported with extreme precision, minimizing accidental impacts.

Versatility: beam handling racks in the textile sector are highly versatile and can be configured with different equipment, such as forks, clamps, and telescopic lifters, to adapt to the specific needs of handling textile materials. This flexibility allows for the management of a wide range of beam with different sizes and weights.

Ergonomics: operators using these containers in the textile sector benefit from improved comfort and safety at work. Thanks to ergonomic handles and assisted lifting mechanisms, these containers reduce fatigue and effort required for material handling, preventing musculoskeletal problems and fatigue.

Types of beam handling racks in the textile sector

There are various types of bobbin handling containers in the textile sector designed to meet the diverse needs of companies.

Containers for transporting and inserting beam: these containers are designed to facilitate the handling operations of beam in the weaving process. These trolleys can be used for transporting and inserting single or double beam, with or without a warp insertion device. Their robust structure and specialized equipment allow for lifting and transporting beam of various weights and sizes safely and efficiently.

Containers for lifting and transporting beam: these containers are used to support beam and facilitate handling operations within the textile company. Equipped with swivel wheels, these containers allow for the lifting and transporting of beam of various warp sizes and weights easily and safely.

Other types of beam handling containers in the textile sector

In addition to the types of containers described above, there are also other innovative solutions for handling beam in the textile sector. These include containers for transporting beam with frame and slat support, containers for transporting warp bobbins in combination with specific models for insertion into weaving machines, and containers for transporting warp bobbins suitable for half-bobbins and full bobbins.

Bobbin handling containers in the textile sector are essential tools for optimizing logistics and goods management operations within textile companies. Thanks to their efficiency, safety, and versatility, these containers allow for improving the overall productivity of the company, reducing work times, and ensuring precise and accurate handling of textile materials. Choosing the right containers depends on the specific needs of the company, considering the weight, dimensions, and equipment required for handling bobbins. Choosing beam handling containers carefully is essential to ensure an efficient and safe production process.

In an ever-evolving sector, choosing effective metal beam racks is essential for business success. With our range of innovative solutions, we guarantee maximum efficiency and high-level performance for your textile production. Choose quality and growth: rely on Came‘s solutions for material handling in the textile sector.

Textile metal beam racks

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