Stainless steel drum trolleys

stainless steel drum trolleys

Stainless steel trolleys for the transport of drums

Came offers a wide range of trolleys for the handling of drums within companies, capable of facilitating and speeding up loading/unloading operations.

Stainless steel drum trolleys are designed with features of strength and hygiene, built to last over time.

Their high level of hygiene makes them products widely used in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Came provides drum transport trolleys with containment tanks ideal for the safe transportation of hazardous liquids in compliance with current regulations.

The presence of the containment tank is an essential element for the transportation and storage of flammable liquids to prevent their dispersion in the environment. Drum containment tanks must be manufactured according to regulations as they need to be suitable for containing and transporting oils, acids, and other harmful substances..

Stainless steel drum transport trolleys are ideal for transporting full, bulky, and heavy containers. Their structure allows for easy transport over longer distances with minimal effort. These drum carts are usually equipped with integrated safety devices to ensure the safe transportation of hazardous materials.

These products are widely used in industrial settings as they ensure the transportation of fluids in compliance with current regulations, avoiding spills that can cause environmental damage.

In industrial settings, most substances are stored in drums: the transportation, handling, and lifting of drums require special precautions, especially in the presence of potentially hazardous and flammable liquids. The use of drum transport trolleys compliant with regulations reduces the risk of environmental damage and harm to operators’ health.

When there is a need to transport drums, in addition to stainless steel trolleys, mobile drum bases with swivel wheels can be used, allowing for easy maneuvering of drums even in areas with limited space.

Advantages of using stainless steel drum trolleys

Stainless steel drum trolleys offer numerous advantages over other materials. Firstly, stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and rust, making these carts suitable even for humid or aggressive environments. This corrosion resistance ensures a long lifespan for the trolley, reducing the need for frequent replacements. . Additionally, stainless steel is hygienic and easy to clean, which is particularly important in sectors such as the food or pharmaceutical industry, where hygiene is crucial.

Another advantage of stainless steel drum trolleys is their versatility. They are available in different sizes and load capacities, allowing for the transportation of drums of various sizes and weights. Furthermore, many stainless steel carts are equipped with swivel wheels, which facilitate maneuverability and transport of drums even in tight spaces.

Types of stainless steel drum transport trolleys

Came offers various types of stainless steel drum transport trolleys in the catalog or upon request, each designed to meet specific needs.

Drum carts are essential tools for the safe handling and storage of oil drums and other products. With the right equipment, it is possible to easily transport drums of different sizes and weights, reducing physical strain and ensuring the safety of operators. Choose the drum trolley that best suits your needs among the different models available in the catalog: rely on Came for safe and efficient drum handling.

Stainless steel drum trolleys

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