Drum trolleys

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Trolleys for drum transport

Drums containing oil or other flammable and hazardous substances are subject to specific regulations. Therefore, their movement and handling also require specific precautions and practical, functional metal drum trolleys suitable for safely transporting materials. .Came specializes in the production of metal trolleys designed for specific uses, such as transporting drums for oil, chemicals, and other flammable liquids.

Main uses of drum transport carts

A drum trolley has various applications, primarily in the chemical and food industries. They are generally used for transporting, lifting, and moving drums for oil or other products. Due to the cylindrical shape of the containers they are intended to transport, drum trolleys are typically equipped with a sturdy structure with wheels and fitted with brackets to support the drum vertically or horizontally, with a safety lock to prevent the load from shifting. In other cases, trolleys are used for drum storage and feature a grid with a tray for collecting liquids.

Types and models of drum transport carts

To meet the diverse needs of its customers, Came offers a wide range of different types and models of metal drum trolleys. The range includes:

  • metal drum trolleys
  • drum lifting trolleys
  • drum lifting trolleys with mobile support
  • mobile station drum storage trolleys with wheel tubs and grates
  • horizontal drum trolleys
  • vertical drum trolleys.

Available in various sizes and materials, our trolleys are made to the highest quality standards and comply with safety regulations for drum transport and lifting. Choose the Came drum trolley that best suits the needs of your business.

Metal drum trolleys

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