Fabric roll racks

contenitori porta rotoli

Fabric containers and fabric pallets

Came is the ideal choice for those seeking efficient solutions in the management and handling of textile materials We specialize in design and manufacturing fabric containers and fabric pallets. Our metal fabric roll racks are made of steel sheet and have the main advantage of being stackable at full load.

Fabric trolleys with a tubular steel or iron structure are designed to reduce processing times, facilitating loading and unloading operations by operators. Ideal for space optimization, as they can be stacked at full load, these containers are modular and customizable, with the possibility of customization according to specific needs.

All our fabric roll trolleys are designed to ensure robustness and functionality. Our fabric pallets represent the solution for storing fabric rolls, reducing the risk of tipping. Usually made with two closed sides, they are suitable for transporting fabric rolls of contained dimensions. The presence of two open sides, instead, facilitates the deposit and storage operations of the fabrics. This type of fabric trolleys finds wide application in the textile sector, facilitating the handling of fabric rolls within warehouses or from one department to another.

Our fabric containers are made with multiple stackable shelves and are ideal for handling fabrics and textiles in warehouses. This type of fabric trolley is widely used in the textile industry: fabric racks are easily maneuverable with the help of forklifts. Although stackable, fabric roll racks are generally individually lifted and stacked during storage.

The use of forklifts for handling fabric containers is made possible by the presence of runners on the long side that allow lifting from the ground and lifting via pallet jacks and forklifts, ensuring stability conditions.

Made of high-quality materials, these containers are suitable for professional use in industrial environments. The metal walls prevent roll-out, while the presence of open side walls facilitates loading and unloading operations. Their stackability allows space optimization, allowing the exploitation of existing vertical space in warehouses, storerooms, and production departments.

Our containers undergo anti-cut processing through deburring and rounding.

The deburring process ensures obtaining pallets without burrs, i.e., with chamfered corners to reduce the risk to operators and the risk of fabric damage.

Made with standard loads, oversized versions are also available upon request, differing in load capacity and dimensions.

Our fabric roll racks, as well as in the textile industry, are widely used in all sectors that produce materials in rolls and coils, such as the footwear sector, the paper industry, the tanning industry, printing, dyeing, and leather goods.

Characteristics of fabric roll containers

Fabric roll racks are specifically designed for the safe storage of small-sized fabric rolls. Their structure consists of walls closed on two sides, which reduce the risk of accidental material spillage. This feature makes them ideal for use in textile companies and fabric storage warehouses.

Dimensions and load capacity of fabric pallets

Fabric pallets are available in various sizes to suit the specific needs of each company. The maximum load capacity of these pallets is 1000 kg, ensuring the safety and stability of the stored material.

Structure and materials: the structure of fabric roll racks is made of high-quality materials provided by companies conforming to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. Usually made of painted sheet metal, they are characterized by high resistance. The pallets are available in different standard colors, such as blue, orange, green, and gray, but other colors can be requested.

Handling and storage: these containers are designed to facilitate the handling and storage of fabrics. Thanks to the presence of runners on the long side, they can be lifted from the ground using pallet jacks and forklifts. However, lifting the pallet from the ears is not possible. The stable structure of fabric roll racks makes them suitable for intensive use and allows them to be stacked.

Advantages of fabric pallets

Our fabric pallets offer numerous advantages that make them the ideal choice for textile companies and fabric storage warehouses.

Safety: the walls closed on two sides of the pallets reduce the risk of accidental material spillage, ensuring safety during handling and storage.

Resistance: the structure made of painted sheet metal gives the pallets particular resistance to weathering, corrosion, and rust, ensuring durability over time.

Facilitated handling: thanks to the runners on the long side, the pallets can be lifted from the ground using pallet jacks and forklifts, simplifying handling operations.

Space optimization: these containers are designed to be stacked, allowing efficient use of space in the warehouse.

Our fabric roll racks are an ideal solution for the safe storage and efficient handling of small-sized fabric rolls. Their sturdy structure, high load capacity, and ease of use make them the perfect choice for textile companies and fabric storage warehouses. Thanks to their versatility and customization options, fabric pallets adapt to the specific needs of each company, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency during handling and storage operations. Contact us for personalized advice on fabric roll racks for your company.

Fabric roll racks

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