Work-benches with wheels

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Mobile work tables with wheels

Came manufactures professional work-benches with wheels, ideal for manual activities, such as mechanical workshops.

Our workbenches with wheels are designed and engineered for maximum ergonomics and comfort. The shelves are covered in wood or metal, providing high resistance to wear.

The work tables with wheels allow you to have all the necessary materials and equipment in one place. The work tables with wheels can be easily moved from one area to another within the company in total safety.

These mobile workbenches are the ideal solution for those seeking flexibility and mobility in their workspace. These practical tools offer the possibility to easily transport equipment and materials from one point to another, making work activities more efficient and comfortable. Came offers versatile and innovative solutions for mobile work-benches with wheels.

Key factors for choosing a work-bench with wheels

Size and configuration: the choice of workbench must be made considering the dimensions of the workspace. The chosen work table must be compact enough to allow easy movement.

Materials and structure: the robustness of the workbench is essential, especially when equipped with wheels. For this reason, it is necessary to opt for high-quality materials, such as sturdy steel or solid wood, to ensure stability and durability over time.

Type of wheels: there are different types of wheels, including fixed, swivel, and with brakes. Swivel wheels offer greater maneuverability, while fixed ones provide greater stability. For example, if the work table needs to be moved only when necessary, a model with fixed wheels could represent the ideal solution. In case of frequent movements, the choice must necessarily fall on a table with swivel wheels for greater maneuverability.

Braking system: if mobility is a priority, it is necessary to opt for a work table with a reliable braking system. The system will allow you to lock the wheels when necessary, ensuring the stability of the workbench during work activities.

Features of the work-bench with wheels

Load capacity: an essential factor in choosing the workbench is the load capacity, which must be calculated based on the weight of the materials and equipment used. A robust structure capable of supporting significant loads is essential to ensure safety during use.

Work surface: the workbench surface varies depending on the type of activity performed. It is necessary to ensure that the work surface is adequate. Make sure the worktop has an adequate surface area. The work table must provide enough space to carry out activities and may include compartments or adjustable work surfaces for greater versatility.

Wheel lock: some work-benches with wheels are equipped with a centralized locking system for all wheels. This makes it easier and faster to lock or unlock the bench when necessary, improving efficiency in moving from one position to another.

Advantages of the work-benches with wheels

Mobility and flexibility: one of the main characteristics of work-benches with wheels is their mobility. Thanks to sturdy and resistant wheels, it is possible to easily move the workbench from one area to another within the company or workshop. This allows you to have all the necessary material always at hand, reducing travel times and increasing your productivity. Furthermore, the possibility of moving the workbench allows for quick and immediate assistance in different areas of the company, ensuring efficient and timely service.

Organization and safety: work tables with wheels offer an excellent solution for maintaining order and safety in the workplace. Many models are equipped with perforated walls or tool panels, which allow for efficient organization of tools and components. These perforated panels can accommodate hooks and accessories, ensuring safe storage during the movement of the workbench. This way, you can have everything at hand, reducing the risk of losing or damaging tools.

Resilient work surfaces: these workbenches are available in various types of work surfaces. You can choose between multilayer wood or sheet metal; all sturdy and resistant. These work surfaces are designed to support heavy loads without deforming, allowing you to perform a wide range of maintenance and assistance operations with ease.

Discover the work-bench with wheels that best suits your needs: By visiting our product catalog, you can find the work-bench with wheels that guarantees you the maximum agility and flexibility within your workspace.

Work-benches with wheels

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