Bar trolleys

carrelli porta barre

Trolleys for transporting and storing bars

Metal bar trolleys are essential tools for the safe transportation of materials in bar form, such as pipes, profiles, and beams. These bar trolleys are specifically designed to accommodate and move bars in a stable manner, minimizing the risk of workplace accidents. They are intended for the storage and transport of bars, aiming to provide an ideal balance between operational efficiency, safety, and convenience in handling bars of various lengths and diameters.

Features of bar trolleys

Bar trolleys are designed with specific features to ensure safety and efficiency in material handling.

Sturdy structure: they are made with sturdy materials, such as painted steel, to ensure durability and stability during transport. These materials can withstand heavy loads and resist wear and abrasion.

Adjustable supports: the supports of bar trolleys are height and width adjustable to accommodate different sizes of bars. This feature allows for the safe and stable transport of bars of various diameters and dimensions.

Swivel and fixed wheels: these carts are equipped with swivel and fixed wheels to facilitate material handling. Swivel wheels allow for easy and agile maneuverability, while fixed wheels ensure stability during transport.

Additional accessories: some cart models come with additional accessories to further enhance efficiency and safety. For example, a lifting kit can be added to lift the load from the cart base to facilitate handling with forklifts.

Advantages of bar trolleys

Bar trolleys offer numerous advantages for businesses operating with bar-shaped materials.

Worker safety: manual transportation of heavy bars can be a risky task and can lead to workplace injuries. The use of bar trolleys reduces the risk of muscular and skeletal injuries associated with manual lifting and transport. The trolleys are designed to provide a stable and secure base for the material, minimizing the risk of falls and accidents.

Operational efficiency: these trolleys allow for the transportation of multiple bars simultaneously, increasing efficiency in material handling operations. With the ability to transport bars of different sizes and lengths, bar trolleys enable the movement of large quantities of material quickly and safely.

Adaptability: bar trolleys are designed to adapt to the diverse needs of businesses. . They are available in various sizes and load capacities to meet the specific requirements of each application. Additionally, many models feature adjustable height and width supports, allowing for the transport of bars of different diameters and dimensions.

Ease of handling: these trolleys are equipped with wheels that facilitate the movement of the material from one position to another. Swivel wheels allow for easy and agile maneuverability, while fixed wheels ensure stability during transport. This allows operators to move bars with ease, minimizing the physical effort required.

If you’re looking for an effective means to manage and transport bars efficiently, Came‘s bar trolleys are the ideal solution. Their ability to simplify logistical operations, improve safety, and offer versatility makes them an essential element in industrial and manufacturing environments. Contact us: we’ll help you find the bar trolley that meets the needs of your business.

Bar trolleys

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