Work-benches with vise

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Work tables with vise

Came offers robust and reliable work-benches with vise, which are modular and customizable with a wide range of work table accessories, tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

All our work tables with vise can be accessorized to adapt to evolving business needs. The modular structure of our work tables is designed to allow the installation, post-purchase, of elements and accessories to optimize the organization of the workstation.

Explore our wide selection of workbenches with vise designed to improve operational efficiency. Explore our wide selection of work-benches with vise designed to improve operational efficiency.

Our workbenches are equipped with high-quality vises that ensure a firm grip, enabling precision work. All our work-benches with vise are built with a solid modular structure.

Our work-benches are highly customizable, depending on the type of activity and specific needs. One of the most requested types of workbenches are work-benches with wise.

What is a bench vise?

A bench vise is a tool used to clamp and secure pieces during work. It is widely used in workshops and industrial settings.

Bench vises are extensively used in various sectors, as they adapt to all processes that require threading, welding, cutting, or gluing materials. Each table vise is characterized by its shape and dimensions, diversifying according to the activity to be carried out, allowing professional tasks to be performed with maximum safety.

Our products are highly versatile: most of our work-benches can be customized with a vise. The vise is fixed to the work-bench either through holes or screw clamps. The customization possibilities vary depending on the type of activity performed, with the option to install more than one vise on the same work-bench.
Vises are used to secure and hold workpieces steady during assembly and processing operations on wood and metal. They are designed to provide gripping force and keep pieces stable during processing.

Key advantages of work-benches with vise

Among the main work tables with vise are woodworking tables with vise, where the vise is installed on a structure equipped with a wooden top. The robustness and solidity of the workbench allow safe and easy work.

Professional use: Came‘s vises and work-benches with vise are designed and manufactured for professional and precision work, ensuring optimal performance. They guarantee a strong hold and high cutting precision, reducing effort.

Easy installation: our vises come with pre-drilled holes for quick mounting on the work-bench.

Versatility: our vises, especially those for woodworking, find wide application in multiple sectors, from carpentry to metalworking.

Features of work-benches with vise

Work-benches with vise are designed to be robust and durable. .They are made from resistant materials such as solid wood, steel, or metal alloys to ensure a stable surface to work on. The presence of an integrated vise allows workpieces to be securely clamped, offering greater safety and precision during operations.

H2 Types of vises to install on work-benches

Workbenches with vise can be equipped with different types of vises, depending on the user’s needs. Bench vises, for example, are the most common and can be adjusted to fit various sizes of pieces. Screw vises, on the other hand, offer excellent grip and stability.

It is important to assess the type of activity to choose the most suitable type of vise. Came guarantees work-benches for professional use with vise in line with your production needs.

Work-benches with wise

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