Trolleys with sides

Metal trolleys with side sides

Metal trolleys with sides ensure maximum safety and convenience when transporting delicate or bulky materials. Metal trolleys with side sides combine the robustness of a metal structure with the security provided by the sides, offering a complete solution for managing and moving loads reliably.

Within warehouses, there is often a need to handle large quantities of loose materials, sometimes bulky, to prevent overturning and possible damage.

Highly functional and in demand are trolleys with metal mesh sides that allow the safe transport of goods and materials from one point to another within the company or warehouse.

Trolleys with metal mesh sides have a perimeter steel structure that allows the load to be visible at all times during transport operations.

Among the most requested products are steel-sided trolley, an ideal solution for internal goods transport. Trolleys with sides facilitate the movement of goods and materials in multiple industrial sectors, ensuring maneuverability and stability during material movements within warehouses and storage facilities.

These trolleys have the primary advantage of facilitating loading and unloading operations, thanks to the openable side panels that allow merchandise to be loaded and unloaded easily.

Due to their versatility, sided carts are suitable for use in various industrial sectors, simplifying the work of warehouse workers who have easy access to materials through the use of openable sides.

Came offers a wide range of trolleys with sides for the transport and handling of goods.

This type of cart is particularly suitable for transporting bulky materials and packages, thanks to the solid tubular steel structure and the presence of handles on the sides that facilitate loading and unloading of goods.

Came’s industrial trolleys with side for professional use are available in a wide range of sizes, formats, load capacities, and customizations, to meet any need for storage and transport of goods and equipment.

These carts find wide application in multiple industrial sectors such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, industrial laundries, etc. Our roll containers represent the practical and functional solution for internal transport needs.

Most trolleys with sides models are designed to be stacked inside each other, ensuring optimal space organization. This feature is essential during periods of intense work, where the possibility of easily and quickly stacking carts inside each other increases productivity and saves a considerable amount of time.

We offer a wide range of trolleys with sides for transporting heavy loads, customizable for load capacity, dimensions, and accessories to ensure the maximum safety of operators and goods during transport.

Advantages of sided carts

Trolleys with sides offer numerous advantages that make them an ideal choice for professional needs.

Safety and stability: they are designed to ensure maximum safety during material transport. The high or low side panels, made of epoxy powder-coated steel, provide a protective barrier that prevents the accidental falling of goods during movements. This is particularly important when handling heavy or fragile objects, as the side panels provide greater stability and reduce the risk of damage or injury.

Benefits of trolleys with sides

Versatility and adaptability: they are available in different sizes, capacities, and configurations to suit the specific transport needs of each sector. Whether it’s transporting crates, boxes, equipment, or bulk products, a sided cart can be found to meet one’s needs. Furthermore, many cart variants offer the possibility of removing or tilting the side panels to adapt to different loading situations.

Strength and durability: they are built with high-quality materials, such as steel coated with epoxy powder, which ensures long-term durability and greater resistance to daily wear and tear. This robustness allows carts to withstand heavy loads without deforming or damaging. Moreover, many models are equipped with structural reinforcements and side panels made of metal mesh, which further increase strength and durability.

Ease of movement: they are equipped with rear swivel wheels and fixed front wheels, allowing easy maneuverability and precise steering even in tight spaces. The wheels, available in different sizes and materials such as solid rubber or pneumatic tires, provide good grip and quiet operation on various surfaces. This makes sided carts suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Use of trolleys with sides

Trolleys with sides are ideal for a wide range of applications and industrial sectors.

Warehouse Transport: they are widely used in the warehousing sector for transporting heavy and bulky materials. Thanks to their side panels, these trolleys allow merchandise to be kept in place during movements, avoiding falls or damage. Furthermore, the easy maneuverability of the trolleys makes loading and unloading operations more efficient inside the warehouse.

Logistics and Transport: in the logistics and transport sector, they are used for transporting goods over short and medium distances. These trolleys make it easy to load and unload vehicles, ensuring the safety and stability of the goods during transport. Moreover, the possibility of removing or tilting the side panels allows the trolleys to be adapted to different loading needs.

Industrial Sector: in industrial sectors such as automotive, construction, and textile and plastic manufacturing, they are used for transporting heavy materials and equipment. . These carts allow large objects to be easily moved, while ensuring safety and stability during transport. The strength and durability of sided carts make them an ideal choice for transport needs in the industrial sector.

Regulations and Safety: these carts must comply with current safety and quality regulations. It is important to ensure that carts comply with national and international regulations. Moreover, manufacturers of sided carts must subject their products to tests and inspections to ensure their safety and maximum declared load capacity.

Trolleys with sides represent a versatile and reliable solution for the professional transport of heavy and bulky materials. Thanks to their safety, stability, versatility, and ease of movement, these carts are widely used in various industrial sectors. The choice of the most suitable cart will depend on specific transport needs, considering the size, maximum load capacity, and technical characteristics of the carts. Ensuring that trolleys comply with regulations and safety standards is essential to ensure safety and efficiency during movements. Having access to quality and reliable trolleys with side is an investment that will improve transportation and logistics operations within the company. Trust Came to find the most suitable trolley with side.

Trolleys with sides

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