Work-benches with wooden platform

work-benches with wooden platform

Work tables with wooden shelves

Came‘s work-benches with wooden platform are characterized by high strength and robustness, as well as the high stability of the work surface, ensuring extreme comfort and safety for professionals.

Excellent quality and design characterize our products, which find wide use in workshops and laboratories.

Work tables with wooden tops are used in workshops because they offer a stable work surface and optimize workspace.

The main characteristics of work-benches with wooden tops consist of solidity and robustness to ensure durability over time.

You can choose the work-bench with a wooden top by customizing it based on your specific needs. First of all, you can customize the size of the wooden work surface to better organize your work activity. You can then choose to equip the work table with a wooden top with a series of accessories such as shelves, cabinets, and drawers to store tools.

Why choose a work-bench with wooden platform?

The work-bench with a plywood top is characterized by high stability and resistance.

One of the main characteristics of wood is its suitability for drilling, so it is easy to handle and can be customized with tools.

On the other hand, wood is not recommended in professional environments such as mechanical workshops due to its tendency to absorb motor oils, gasoline, and other liquids.

Work-benches with wooden platform: what to choose

Our models of professional work-benches are available in various configurations, with the possibility of drawers, cabinets, or shelves, to adapt to different work needs and space efficiency requirements All accessories are configurable and customizable at the time of work to ensure maximum customization.

Came manufactures custom work-benches with the possibility of work surfaces with non-standard measurements. The choice of the model varies according to the specific needs of the work activity. All products guarantee high quality, solidity, and robustness without neglecting functionality, practicality, and aesthetics.

Among the characteristics of work-benches with wooden tops, the footprint should also be considered; for this reason, Came offers highly customizable work-benches, with the possibility of opting for height-adjustable benches if they are used by multiple people.

Types of work-benches with wooden shelves

There are different types of work-benches with wooden shelves, each designed to meet specific needs. . If space is limited, workbenches with reduced dimensions are the ideal choice. On the contrary, if you need a larger work station, you can opt for compact and easily transportable folding benches.

If you plan to move the workbench frequently from one position to another, it is advisable to choose models with wheels equipped with brakes, which allow you to easily move the work-bench with a wooden top. . These models are particularly useful when working on very long pieces, as they can serve as additional support.

On the other hand, if you have a fixed work station, you can consider workbenches that can be fixed to the floor or wall, offering greater stability and safety during use. Whatever your needs, Came will be able to identify the work-bench with a wooden top that best suits you.

Work-benches with wooden platform

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