Wire mesh trolleys

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Wire mesh trolleys with sides

.Wire mesh trolleys represent the ideal solution for those seeking lightweight and versatile material handling. These trolleys, characterized by an open mesh structure, offer numerous advantages beyond simple ease of movement. An innovative option to enhance your handling and storage experience.

Came offers a wide range of wire mesh trolleys, essential for the handling of goods in plain sight. All our mesh trolleys are available in various sizes, modular with integrable components for maximum customization.

Our mesh trolleys are available in standard or custom sizes: they are ideal for handling semi-finished products and goods during processing stages, and for storing finished products in warehouses.

Our metal mesh trolleys are designed to adapt to various uses within a company. Their main advantage is being stackable, thus ensuring space optimization in warehouses and depots.

Our mesh trolleys can be equipped with fixed or foldable side panels; they usually feature a foldable panel to facilitate loading and unloading operations.

This type of cart typically boasts a high load capacity, making it suitable for transporting heavy loads.

Metal trolleys are made of processed and shaped sheet metal, with a solid and stable structure suitable for transporting heavy loads.

Metal mesh trolleys are commonly used for the transport and storage of bulk materials.

They are generally equipped with a removable or tilting front panel to facilitate operators during loading and unloading operations. Wire mesh trolleys feature a sturdy steel sheet structure, making them suitable for use in various industrial sectors.

This type of container can have four fixed walls or a front wall with a sheet metal or metal mesh door to facilitate loading and unloading operations through material retrieval or deposit.

The bottom can be equipped with adjustable feet or skids, allowing not only the safe stacking of different carts but also their movement, both when empty and full, using pallet jacks or forklifts.

The main advantage of metal mesh structures is the possibility of handling goods in plain sight, an ideal solution when it’s necessary to identify stored contents.

The robust metal structure makes this type of mesh cart particularly suitable for intensive use. These mesh trolleys can be easily moved from one area to another within the company thanks to the wheels and push handles they are equipped with.

By using metal mesh trolleys, you can efficiently organize your work environment, increase productivity, and ensure safe material storage, safeguarding the health of operators.

Wire mesh trolleys: applications

Metal grating trolleys, commonly known as wire mesh trolleys, are widely used in various industrial sectors, with particular reference to the food industry, both for storage and shipment of goods.

Metal mesh carts are also widely used in the textile industry for the storage and handling of semi-finished products, as well as finished products.

Another industrial sector where trolleys are frequently used is the plastics industry. Thanks to their versatility, these containers can be easily attached to pallets and moved effortlessly using forklifts.

Possible uses of metal mesh carts and features

One of the main advantages of wire mesh trolleys is the ability to fold them onto themselves, allowing for workspace optimization.

In logistics, it is essential to ensure full loads in terms of both volume and weight for cost containment.

Our mesh trolleys are stackable: they can be stacked on top of each other, reducing the storage footprint.

Another advantage of wire mesh trolley is their lightweight. This type of mesh trolley allows for loading a greater quantity of goods onto the truck compared to using other containers of the same load capacity, but significantly heavier.

Wire mesh trolleys with sides represent the ideal solution for the professional transport of heavy and bulky materials. Thanks to the robust structure in painted steel and the metal mesh side panels, these carts offer safety, stability, and ease of maneuverability. Choose the Came model that best suits your needs and get a quality professional product to optimize transport operations in your warehouse.

Wire mesh trolleys

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